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Derek Peterson

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About Me

Derek Peterson is an International Child/Youth Advocate and the Founder of Integrative Youth Developmentā„¢ and its Full Color Web of Supportā„¢ Metrics and Measures. Derek works with youth, their Anchoring adults, and communities to measure, create, and sustain thick Webs of Support for more and more youth and adults.

Why You Should Join Me

A counselor by degree, a faculty member by trade, a program leader and funder by profession, and a hands on youth worker and researcher by vocation, Derek will be sharing his life's work on how to increase resilience in the lives of young people, your peers, and yourself.

A Big Thanks

Peterson has a very thick and intentional Web of Support. He lives and models what he teaches. And, once you learn how to see the web of support, you will see in Full Color everywhere.